Happy Holidays!!!

Well this year has been pretty full and I am looking forward to the next one. I’ve been quiet on my blog the last few months as I’ve been working on a personal memoir which was occupying most of my writing time. Since it is for private use only, I could not really talk about it. With the new year, I am planning to focus back on my writing, with my first big project being the redraft of my novel. The rewrite of the first chapter to a first person point of view was well-received so I will be working on rewriting it to first person as I feel first person works better for the origin story and less space opera feel. I also hope to continue to post articles on the blog as they arise. I am not going to commit to a set schedule but I will try to put something out every week or so.

Like a virgin – Submitting for the very first time

I feel that the title of this post could confuse some of the people who find it. They might be searching for something different. That being said, I just wanted to say that I’ve submitted a short story to a magazine contest. This is my first time submitting a story anywhere. I don’t truly expect to win, though I feel its a good story, as the contest is a bit open ended but just submitting a story for the first time is a big step for me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Blog holiday

Hey everybody,
I’ll be quite busy due to real life so the blog will be going on holiday till the beginning of September.

See you then,

Shanghai writer

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